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Routes classified by type

There are 579 routes in the archive.

A. Bouldering
The simple sport where you hone your skills on (relatively) low rocks
B. Crag
Shorter (up to two pitches), well prepared, and often safe, climbing:
  • Sport: bolted routes (167 routes).
  • Trad: naturally protected routes (44 routes).
  • Aid: aid routes (7 routes).
  • Ice/mix: winter routes on rock and ice (snow?) (0 routes).
C. Mountain
Longer routes. Not well prepared and more remote, so it requiers skills handling both weather, mountains and safety - and knowing your own limits.
  • Trad: naturally protected long routes (64 routes).
  • Aid: longer aid routes (10 routes).
  • Ice/mix: longer winter routes on snow, rock and ice (30 routes).
  • Scrambling: traditional mountaineering, hiking/climbing (4 routes).
D. Unknown
Climbing of some non-classifiable sort (0 routes).
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